C1 & C2 Foot Rest
Aluminium foot rest for C1 and C2. Fits all Nelo Vanquish/Quattro canoe models. 
14.500 Ft
Cinco Hatch
Accessing the rudder and making sure it’s tighten has never been easier. No need for unscrewing, just pop up the...
5.200 Ft
High III C Seat
100% Epoxy Carbon High back seat.Indicated for athletes that look for a better grip on the back of the seat.This...
31.990 Ft
K1 Cinco Rudder
Special rudder for a more controllable kayak. 
19.500 Ft
K1 Fin Rudder
Larger fin for heavier paddlers that need more control.50% nylon - 50% fiber glassShaft diameter: 6 mmShaft length, 13 mmFin...
14.500 Ft
K1 Footrest
Angle and depth adjustment. More strap options.s.
39.990 Ft
K1 Footstrap
Velcro adjustable strap, with a neoprene cover.Easy to setup and adjust. The neoprene cover warranties full comfort on your feet...
6.500 Ft
K1 Kevlar Cable
Kevlar cable for K18 meters cable with 1.6mm thickness 
3.900 Ft
K1 Marathon Rudder
Specific for marathon.Made of plastic (100% nylon) for impact resistance.
14.500 Ft
K1 Traction Pad
Traction pads for K1 have become an essential add-on for your foot-rest. EVA RubberJapanese glueWeight: 140 gr.
6.500 Ft
K2 Fin Rudder
50% nylon - 50% fiber glassShaft diameter: 6 mm Shaft length, 13 mmFin shaped. For sprint use.
22.990 Ft
K2 Footrest
Angle and depth adjustment. More strap options. 
39.990 Ft